124/17 Circular: New Union Ballot

To:       All Branch Secretaries/Chairs
Circ:    124/17
Date:   2nd October 2017
RE:       New Union Ballot

Dear Colleagues

Please bring the following to the attention of your members.

The Executive Committee had a full and comprehensive debate at its Seminar at the end of last week on plans to ballot our members on the creation of a New Union to be called FÓRSA trade union, comprising of CPSU, IMPACT and PSEU. Regional meetings with Branch activists are taking place this week to discuss the balloting arrangements and procedures while documentation relating to the New Union Project is being made available through the normal channels (website, social media and e-mail circulation to the Branch Officers). A common summary of the details of the proposed New Union’s Rules and the Instrument of Amalgamation (which is required by the Trade Union Acts which regulate trade union activity in this country) has also been agreed with the other two unions involved in the Project.

The Rules and the Instrument of Amalgamation of the New Union will made available in hard copy through the Branch Secretaries shortly as will the common Summary of the New Project. All three are available on our website www.cpsu.ie and are also attached to this Circular. The Executive has also agreed two CPSU specific briefing documents: Members’ Questions Answered (FAQs) and Nominations and Elections to Representatives positions in the New Union. These are also available from the website www.cpsu.ie and are attached to this Circular.

The Executive is to meet again to consider its position on Tuesday 10th October. As required by the Trade Union Acts Notice of the Ballot of the three unions will be placed in the National Press on Wednesday 11th October and the ballot will start on Wednesday 18th October using the balloting procedure recently used on the PSSA (each union will ballot separately). Branch Secretaries and Chairs will be provided with revised CPSU ballot lists for cross-checking later this week and these must be completed and any changes advised to Head Office by Friday 13th October. A separate detailed Circular on the ballot will issue with the revised lists.

The ballot will close at midday on Friday 17th of November and all three unions will count simultaneously that day. Branch Secretaries and Chairs are urged to now begin arranging General Meetings for the four week and a half week period of the ballot. If necessary some branches may need to organise workplace specific meetings. It is important all members are given the opportunity to attend one of these meetings. Please contact Moira Haslam, Head Office Administration Manager mhaslam@cpsu.ie to arrange the date and the attendance of a Head Office Official. Please note the attached letter from DPER which should be brought to the attention of your local management to secure time off for these meetings.

Eoin Ronayne

General Secretary