MEDIA RELEASE Deputy General Secretary Derek Mullen’s address to ADC 2015

CPSU rejects outsourcing as a way forward – calls for shared services call centre

Details real value of flat rate approach to pay restoration for lower paid


Speaking at the CPSU’s Annual Conference Deputy General Secretary Derek Mullen said that the best way to deal with pay restoration for lower paid Public Servants was through a flat rate increase which he set out in detail for delegates.

Giving a Clerical Officer on €20,000 a flat rate increase of €2,000 is worth 10%, but the same amount is only a 2.5% increase at €80,000.

Mr Mullen said there is no argument against this approach as every cent awarded would either end up back in the state coffers through tax or driving job creation in the private sector. ”Our members spend what they get and there’s no likelihood they’ll be hoarding the pay increase”

He also pledged the union would continue to strongly resist outsourcing of work and services. Referring to the growing level of outsourced call centre work he there was a clear opportunity for Government to realise cash savings and driver better service level standards by examining the potential to establish its own Call Centre Shared Services facility for the wider public service not just the civil service. “Multiples of millions of taxpayers money goes in profit margins to a number of private sector operators and this could be better used to support public services” he said.

He was also critical of public commentary by economist John Fitzgerald earlier in the week which seemed to suggest that there was a case for higher pay at senior grade levels but not in the predominantly female lower paid grades in the Public Service. This is shocking commentary and does not stand up to any serious analysis of the realities facing lower paid workers. “You are not comparing like with like when you argue that that predominantly female lower paid workers in the Public Service are better off than their private sector counterparts given that the comparison is with an often un-unionised private sector, typified by poor pay and conditions, such as zero hour contracts and minimum wages.

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