FAQs- Pregnancy related sick leave, new provisions

What effect will the new provisions have on pregnancy-related sick leave?
If a pregnant civil servant is medically unfit for work due to a pregnancy related illness and has exhausted access to paid sick leave, she will continue to receive sick leave at half pay for the duration of her pregnancy-related illness. This is regardless of whether she has reached the maximum limit for half pay due to prior sick leave. This period of extended half pay will not count towards future access to sick leave.

Do I have access to extended sick pay under the Critical Illness Provisions if I suffer from a pregnancy-related illness?
Serious pregnancy-related illnesses which meet the criteria for inclusion under the Critical Illness Protocol will be treated under that provision.
There is a specific provision in the Critical Illness Protocol which provides that if you have a pregnancy-related or assisted pregnancy-related illness, the requirement for hospitalisation of two consecutive weeks will be reduced to two or more consecutive days of in-patient hospital/clinic care while you remain unfit for work.

What happens if I get sick after I am pregnant and I have exhausted my sick leave because of a pregnancy related illness?
Following the amendment to the Sick Leave Regulations prior PRSL will be treated in the following ways;

PRSL occurring before the introduction of the Public Service Sick Leave Scheme:
All PRSL that occurred before the introduction of the new Public Service Sick Leave Scheme on 31st March 2014 will be discounted for the purpose of calculating access to paid sick leave under the Scheme.

PRSL occurring after the introduction of the Public Service Sick Leave Scheme:
A woman who has exhausted her access to paid sick leave due to pregnancy-related sick leave in the previous 4 years may have access to additional non-pregnancy-related sick leave at the half rate of pay. The number of additional days allowed;

  • Will be the equivalent number of PRSL days taken in the 4 years;
  • Must not exceed normal sick leave limits (e.g. 183 days) for non-pregnancy-related sick leave (when counted with other non-pregnancy-related sick leave in the previous 4 years).

What do I do to have my record reviewed following these changes?Members who may be affected should contact their HR Department and or Peolepoint to seek a review of their case, so as to adjust any sick leave pay or indeed any overpayments which may have accrued before these new arrangements came into place. DPER Circular 12 /2015 refers and can be located on www.circulars.gov.ie.

Members should also refer to the FAQ and guidelines documents on www.per.gov.ie for information on pregnancy related or other sick leave matters.