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The CPSU has a long and successful track record in challenging discrimination, promoting workers’ rights and highlighting the benefits of equality and diversity for all in the workplace. Our successes to date include the Ballygirreen Case in the IAA, the Hill/Stapleton Case and the CA/PK Case. We are committed to defending our members’ rights under Equality legislation both at a National and at European level and we are currently engaged in an important equal pay case commonly known as the Garda Equal Pay Case.

Theresa Dwyer is the Union’s Equality and Diversity Officer representing members on the Civil Service General Council’s Equal Opportunities Committee and the ICTU Women’s Committee and the Strategic Implementation Committee. The CPSU Equality Reports, listed below, were adopted by the Annual Delegate Conferences in recent years and give an insight into our work in this area on behalf of our members.

Equality Reports

Equality 2015 Report
Equality 2014 Report
Equality 2013 Report
Equality 2012 Report
Equality 2011 Report
Equality 2009 Report
Equality 2008 Report
Equality 2007 Report
Equality 2006 Report

Garda Equal Pay Case

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Equality Bulletin 

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