CPSU Delegate Conference


CPSU Delegate Conference – Killarney – Friday 7th & Saturday 8th APRIL 2017

Real Pay rise – Roll back of Unpaid Hours – Removal of CO Lower entry points

 The Annual Delegate Conference of the Civil Public & Services Union (CPSU) gets underway in the INEC Killarney next week on Friday 7th April at 9 am and runs into Saturday morning 8th April. The CPSU represents the largest number of lower paid administration workers in the civil service along with similar grades in the Semi State and Private Sectors. The Presidential Address by Ann McGee, a clerical officer in the Department of Social Protection, will be followed by General Secretary, Eoin Ronayne and the Deputy General Secretary, Derek Mullen on Friday morning.

Key debates will involve 300 delegates setting the CPSU agenda for the forthcoming public sector pay talks, commenting on the LRA and recent reports on pay in the Public Sector, the damaging impact of the HRA unpaid hours and the lower entry points on the CO scale which see new employees struggling on minimum hourly rates of pay.

Full media facilities including a press room and photographer will be available. Conference updates will be posted via Facebook, Twitter (both CPSU Ireland) #CPSU17 and our website www.cpsu.ie.

The Agenda and Timetable are now available on the website www.cpsu.ie under the ADC drop down menu. Media queries to: mhaslam@cpsu.ie 086 8396818

Download CPSU Nominations & Motions ADC 2017

Download CPSU Standing Orders Report ADC 2017