Circular 161/17: Filling of CPSU positions on Fórsa bodies.

To:       Branch Chairs & Secretaries, Executive and Head Office
Date:   6th December 2017
Circ:     161/17
Re:       Filling of CPSU positions on Fórsa bodies.

Dear Colleague

As you will be aware Fórsa is due to come into being from early January and a number of the representative bodies provided for in the rules of the new union will be formed on an interim basis from existing similar bodies within each of the three amalgamating unions. For instance the entire Executive Committee will integrate with the comparable Committees in IMPACT and PSEU to form the interim National Executive (NEC) until the election of a new Fórsa National Executive at the National Conference in May 2018.

Following our Executive meeting last week I am now seeking nominees from our Branches of candidates interested in going forward on an interim basis to serve on two Fórsa bodies

  1. Fórsa Trustee: The nominee must not be a member of the CPSU Executive but should be an experienced CPSU activist with previous service to the union at a senior representative level. This position is not an Executive position and is similar to the position of honorary trustee found in other voluntary organisations. He/she should have a good understanding of financial reporting in such organisations.
  2. Interim Services & Enterprises Divisional Executive: Branches are asked to nominate a candidate interested in serving on the Committee until the Divisional Conference in April 2018. The member must be employed in a Semi-State company, Agency or private sector company and not in a Government Department or Office (these are represented by the Civil Service Divisional Executive).

The CPSU Executive meeting on December 11th next will elect the successful candidates from the list of nominees received in Head Office by Friday next 8th December.

Please submit nominees for the above to Moira Haslam Administration Manager CPSU on .

Eoin Ronayne

General Secretary