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CPSU Rejects Davy Public Sector Pay Report



The union representing the largest number of lower paid administration workers in the civil service, the Civil Public & Services Union (CPSU) has reacted strongly against the Davy Public Sector Pay report issued this morning.   The CPSU says the report is grossly over simplistic in its analysis and wholly misleading.   Not for the first time private sector so-called experts have thrown all 290,000 public sector workers into the pot stirred the mixture and produced a product which fails to reflect the complexities and wide ranging spread of skills and employments within the country’s largest employer.   Again the union draws the media’s attention to the fact that the median salary of its largest group of members, the Clerical Officer grade, is just €30,000 not the €47,400 cited by Davy.

CPSU General Secretary, Eoin Ronayne rejected the basis of the study as flawed and too generalist. He said Davy again appear to have bundled all public sector grades such as outdoor, administration, professional and higher management into one group and compared them with an even wider mixture of workers in the wider private sector many in non-unionised companies with poor terms and conditions of employment.   He said public servants work across a huge range of jobs most requiring higher educational qualifications and long service work experience and he noted that while Davy apparently had accepted that in its report, it failed to give any weighting to that when making its pay comparisons.

Mr. Ronayne said it was totally unacceptable that his member’s incomes could be so grossly misrepresented in this manner.   “€30,000 for a clerical officer is a long way from the so-called average cited by Davy and even after 20 years that officer will only earn just over €37,000 and there are no allowances or bonuses either as suggested in the report”.   And he was critical of the presentation by Davy of a career average pension of €23,000 which suggested the public servant either paid nothing towards it or that it did not include the standard Social Insurance pension paid for by PRSI contributions in the same manner as private sector workers (The standard State pension all full PRSI based employees pay for is integrated into the Civil Service Scheme). “The reality is that clerical officers pay 6.5% of their earnings for a top up to the Social Welfare pension of about €5,000  if they work a full 40 years” he said “and that’s a long way from what Davy is reporting”


For more Information and comment contact:

Derek Mullen Deputy General Secretary on 087 2513877 or
Eoin Ronayne General Secretary on 087 2520603

27th March 2017