About CPSU

The Civil Public and Services Union (CPSU) represents staff working in the clerical and administrative grades of the Civil Service, semi-state bodies and the private sector.

The union was formed in 1922 with the primary role of organizing and representing its members at all levels on all issues relating to their terms and conditions of employment. There are over 10,000 members in the CPSU.

The CPSU is a democratic organization whose decisions are made in accordance with its Rules and Constitution. These state that some of the main objectives of the union are:

  • To protect and improve the pay, terms and conditions of our members
  • To promote equality of treatment
  • To promote public services
  • To promote education and training for all
  • To provide benefits to our members.

The Union is organized through its branch structure. The Branch is the union’s most important and basic unit of organization.

The CPSU has over 70 branches throughout the sectors it represents around the country.

The Branch is run by a democratically-elected Branch Committee, made up of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

The union’s Annual Delegate Conference (ADC) is the supreme authority of the Union. Delegates are elected to represent their branches at the ADC. Around 300 delegates meet annually at the ADC and decide Union policy through votes on motions and amendments.

The Executive Committee is elected annually at ADC. This committee is vested with the power and responsibility to take action on ADC motions between conferences. It meets monthly and makes important decisions on strategy and policy.

There are 15 National Committees in the CPSU who play an important part in monitoring and reviewing developments within specific Government departments and organisations. They are:

  • eir National Group
  • Garda National Committee
  • Courts National Committee
  • Visually Impaired National Committee
  • Solidarity National Committee
  • Legal Aid Board National Committee
  • Irish Aviation Authority National Committee
  • An Post National Group
  • Revenue National Committee
  • Social Protection National Committee
  • Agriculture National Committee
  • Justice National Committee
  • National Equality Committee *
  • National Committee on Disability *