129/17 Circular: Executive Committee Recommendation

 To:      All Branch Secretaries, Chairs, Executive members & Head Office Staff
Circ:    129/17
Date:   10th October, 2017
Re:      Executive Committee Recommendation for New Union Ballot – FÓRSA trade union.

Dear Colleagues,

Further to previous Circulars on this matter please bring the following to the attention of your members.

The Executive Committee met again today to consider the outcome of the negotiations on the New Union Project which have been taking place with IMPACT and the PSEU over the last three years or so. There was a detailed debate in which all members of the Executive engaged fully and decided to make a recommendation to the membership.

Over many meetings the Committee has also considered in detail likely changes that will have to be made to our organisation and services given the departure of the SO grade and the implications for our finances and resources in the short to medium term.

The Executive is fully cognisant of our proud history and record of campaigning for lower paid administrative workers but agreed that on balance the New Union Project offers the potential to build an even stronger organisation to fight for our members. It was agreed to issue the attached assessment of the New Union – FÓRSA and the CPSU remaining as we are.

The transition into FÓRSA trade union will be a challenge should the members vote for it but we believe that through the commitment of our members, activists, staff and Executive the CPSU can enter this new union confident that it will help build an organisation committed to better public services for citizens delivered through better public service employment for members.

FÓRSA trade union with our influence and experience can be a stronger voice for public service workers. Having assessed all the options available to the CPSU the Executive decided to recommend that our members Vote YES. This position was supported 15 votes to 4 with no abstentions. Both IMPACT and PSEU Executive Committees have also recommended in favour to their members who will vote in separate concurrent ballots.

Head Office will now work closely with Branch Officers and representatives to arrange General Members’ meetings and workplace meetings between now and the close of the ballot with the receipt of last ballot papers at midday on Friday 17th November. Please contact Moira Haslam Administration Manager mhaslam@cpsu.ie to book a date for same.

Yours Sincerely

Eoin Ronayne

General Secretary

Download information booklet here