014/17 News Update: Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020 Ballot Result

To:   Each Branch Secretary – Attention All Members
Date: 15th September 2017
News Update: 014/17
Re: Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020 Ballot Result

 Dear Colleagues

Please bring this Media Release to the attention of all CPSU members in your area.


CPSU accepts the Public Services Stability Agreement (PSSA)

The Civil Public & Services Union today voted to accept the Public Services Stability Agreement (PSSA) in a ballot of its members by 72% to 28%. The Vote for the Agreement was 4009 and the Vote Against 1577 in a total valid poll of 5586 representing a turnout of 57%.

CPSU delegates at the meeting of the ICTU’s Public Services Committee on Monday next will cast their votes in favour of the Agreement.

Commenting on the vote CPSU General Secretary Eoin Ronayne said the outcome to accept the deal was reflective of the mood at General Meetings across the country in the run up to the Ballot. While the Agreement goes a considerable distance to restoring Pay and removing in part the pension levy returning income levels to above 2008 he said “it is nevertheless clear from those meetings that our members remain angry over the imposition of the unpaid additional hours which were not addressed in the deal”.

Mr Ronayne also singled out the two lower new entrant points on the Clerical Officer Scale as a continuing sore which must be addressed despite the progress made in increasing the value of the two points in the agreement. He added the CPSU would seek to activate the review provision in the PSSA without delay. He said the CPSU would now seek to push every element of the agreement to its fullest potential and indicated that like with the two previous Public Service Agreements the union would inevitably seek an early negotiation of a follow on agreement should the economy continue to improve.


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