013/17 News Update: PSSA Ballot Recommendation

To: Each Branch Secretary
Date: 27th July 2017
News Update: 013/17
Re: PSSA Ballot Recommendation


The Executive Committee decided today to issue a YES Recommendation to members for the forthcoming ballot on the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) which will be held across the country in each Branch from August 28th to 15th September (first post) 2017.

Following the conclusion of the Public Service talks in early June the CPSU has engaged in a series of Information and Consultation meetings with its members. The Executive met on four separate occasions since to consider the details of the PSSA. The union had a number of key areas of concern entering the talks including full pay restoration, the roll back of the additional unpaid hours, the new entrant points, the removal of the pension levy and protecting existing pension benefits.

While the Agreement fails to secure the roll back of the unpaid additional hours progress was made on improving our pay scales to beyond pre-cut rates by the end of the PSSA, increasing the new entry points to above the original pre-cuts entry point, securing additional annual leave for longer serving staff and grade uplifts for CO members while also increasing the number of internal promotions to the Executive Officer grade. While the goal of removing the pension levy wasn’t achieved in full the threshold for its application has been increased from €28,750 to €34,500.

Commenting after the Executive meeting General Secretary Eoin Ronayne said it had been a very difficult decision for the Executive. “Clearly”, he said “the failure to address the unpaid hours and the introduction of a superannuation contribution to replace the pension levy on salaries above the new threshold are a source of anger and frustration for those who have more than pulled their weight for the country”. He added “however we realise there are positives in the deal such as additional leave for longer serving officers and pay increases for existing staff and new entrants which were important to secure”. He said the union remained determined to keep the additional unpaid hours on the table and warned that the CPSU did not see any acceptance of the PSSA in a ballot as meaning the union would give up on addressing the additional hours in future negotiations. If the members approve the deal the union will move without delay to exercise the provision in the PSSA to address the length of the pay scales for new entrants while also looking at options to tackle the issue under equality law.

A detailed Pros and Cons Document and a full text of the Executive Committee Recommendation will be issued with the Ballot Papers in advance of the Ballot.

Eoin Ronayne

General Secretary.