012/17 News Update: CPSU Specific Issues – Public Service Talks

To: Each Branch Secretary
Date: 15th June 2017
News Update:  012/17
Re:    CPSU Specific Issues – Public Service Talks


Please circulate to all members

Further to our News Updates issued last week in relation to the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018 – 2020 we met yesterday with DPER under the auspices of the Conciliation & Arbitration (C&A) Scheme to conclude negotiations on a number of CPSU specific issues which had been raised by us during the Public Service Talks in recent weeks.

DPER has issued written confirmation of the following proposed agreements under the Scheme (see attached)

  1. The ratio of Clerical Officers assigned to Higher Clerical Officer uplifts (currently 15%) will be increase to 25% – (20% in 2018 and 25% in 2019). These are not person to holder posts in other words the Uplift does not cease on resignation or retirement but is effectively passed on to another CO.  The proposed deal will mean more than a doubling of the number of serving HCO’s- an increase of approximately 1,000 uplifts.
  2. The ratio of EO recruitment/promotion will be changed to 40% Open Competition and 60% Internal/Inter Departmental (30% and30%) for the duration of the proposed Public Service Agreement , currently it is 50% Open and 50% Internal/Inter Departmental (25% Internal and 25% Inter Departmental). It will be open to the CPSU to seek to further negotiate changes in this ration in any future set of negotiations on a Public Service Agreement to follow this one.
  3. Up to two additional Annual Leave days will be applied to Clerical officers – one after 12 years service and another after 14 years service. These will apply in the leave year beginning after January 2018.

DPER have further agreed to engage constructively and promptly with the CPSU to bring negotiations at the National Museum on the Consolidation of Allowances currently before the Workplace Relations Commission to a speedy conclusion delivering a draft agreement for the members involved. A number of other individual/Departmental IR issues will also be brought to a conclusion with the assistance of DPER and may involve speedy use of third parties under the C&A Scheme.

Implementation of the above will be contingent on the CPSU accepting the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018 – 2020 which is currently being considered by the Executive Committee and will be the subject of Information and Consultation General Branch Meetings across the country in the

coming weeks. Subject to the outcome of the consideration of the set of proposals by the Executive Committee a members ballot will be held in due course.


Eoin Ronayne

General Secretary